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A Day For Bargains!

Today, I popped into Tesco to cash in my winning Lottery ticket – a whole £5.10p!  Not quite the jackpot I was hoping for but I think I’m one step closer to winning a million!

Whilst waiting in the queue, I spotted what can only be described as an amazing bargain! A Vtech “First Steps Baby Walker” reduced from £33.00p to £7.50p!  Initially I thought this was a mistake but when paying for it at the check out (yes, I couldn’t resist picking one up for my wee Grace), the Checkout Assistant advised that if you buy it online it’s £15, but £7.50p in store.  Apparently it’s only available in Tesco, Hermiston Gate at this price but it’s certainly worth checking out your local store.


Next stop, ‘Tiger’ in The Centre, Livingston.  I popped in to get some ideas for decorations etc. for Graces first birthday.  Unfortunately the store is due to close down at the end of the month but with them closing down comes lots of reductions.  I picked up a few wee bits and pieces for Grace, including a “duck water cannon” for scooshing Grumps when we go swimming.  This was reduced from £3.50p to £0.50p.  The best bargains which I picked up were the “Hooded Bath Towels”.   I bought Grace a couple of the pink bears and watermelon designs.  These are great for when we go swimming and will be handy for our holidays too.  These were originally £4.00p but today . . . . £0.50p each!

All round, a great wee day for bargains!