Sight Word Adventures

Sight Words are words that we recognise on sight rather than sound out phonetically.  ​Knowing Sight Words makes reading easier, because most of the words found in children’s books are Sight Words.​

So after all the time spent teaching your child to recognize the Sight Words, wouldn’t it be great if there was a story book they could actually read to show their progress? That’s what Jay and Kay’s Sight Word Adventures are all about! No more boring book of random sentences!  Their books contain real stories made up of 100% Sight Words.​ The repeated exposure to these words helps your child to quickly recognise them.​

​So instead of just reading flash cards, your children can actually read a story. ​Better still, they can read Personalised Stories all about themselves!


Retain your children’s attention and keep them motivated with our exciting resources. Each Sight Word Adventures story introduces 12 new words. Learning Sight Words is not fun with flash cards, but it is a whole lot of fun with videos, work books, reading books, board games and personalized books – where your child is the star of the story!

Games And Activities

icongames_1_origGames are the best way to learn Sight Words. For each story, take advantage of our free board games and activities, and turn your child into a Sight Word Adventurer with Jay and Kay!​


amyownstory_2_orig“My Own Stories” are personalised Sight Word Story books. Select from 6 different images to represent your child and add your child’s name to the story to make your little one the star of their own Sight Word Stories.

Reading Books

iconbooks_4_origEach book contains 3 stories. Every story builds on the preceding one,  so your child will be practicing old Sight Words as well as learning new ones.


See and hear the Sight Words by watching  the music video for each story. This makes it easier for your child to recognise the Sight Words used in that story.

Work Sheets

iconworksheets2_3_origUsing tracing, copying, coloring and writing activities, our bright, cheerful Work Books reinforce what is being learned in the Reading Books.