My New Pet Hate . . . . . People Abusing Parent & Child Parking Spaces!!!

So, since becoming a mummy almost a year ago I’ve developed a new pet hate – people abusing Parent & Child parking spaces.   By abusing I mean (people without children in their car) using the space because it’s closer to the shops (yes, that 10 yards makes all the difference to the lazy buggers), it’s a lovely wide space so there’s less chance of people hitting your car door with their car door, it’s closer to the Pay & Display machine (at Asda), it’s closer to the outdoor plant display (at Lidl),  it’s closer to the trolley park (at Morrisons) etc. etc. etc!!!

It probably sounds fairly trivial but when you’re trying to squeeze a car seat in through your door which you can barely open wide enough to get your head through, or you’re having to climb in through the passenger door with the car seat and baby in tow, well enough is enough!

I’ve seen myself drive round my local supermarket car park burning diesel by the gallon, hunting for a Parent & Child space just to prevent the potential contortionist act of getting back into my car after I’ve done my shopping.

I came across this article earlier today and I have to say, I think what Claire done was hilarious and quite bloody right too!  As I’ve mentioned, it can be so difficult trying to get your car seat and baby into your car when drivers ignore your ‘Baby on Board’ signs or fail to see the car seat in the car and park inches from your door.  Would I have been so brave to have done it?  Probably not – I’d be too worried that the owner of the car I’d blocked in would damage my car, but don’t get me wrong, there are days when I’d love to do it . . . . so watch out! ha ha

Fuming mum-of-two blocks in motorist who parked in the last family space

Article courtesy of  Netmums Website:

First published on Friday 30 September 2016 13:22 BST

Claire Ramscar, who had her two young children with her at the time, asked the lone driver what he was doing, but she claims he told her to ‘to shut up and walked off.’ Understandably upset, Claire admits she’s not proud of what she did next …

She blocked his car in for approximately 20 minutes and went inside the supermarket to report his actions to a member of staff, before continuing with her shopping.

She said: “I just left the car where it was. He clearly didn’t have any kids so I just sat behind him. I had two young children with me and I wasn’t blocking anyone else. ”

But that wasn’t the end of the matter.

Once the supermarket had investigated the situation, rather than reprimanding the male driver, they simply asked Claire to move her car.

“The next I heard from them was over the speakers asking me to move. I couldn’t believe it. They were making the whole thing out to be my fault.”

A spokesmans for Sainsburys explains:

“Customers are invited to contact a colleague if they notice that someone has parked incorrectly, which Claire did, and our colleagues investigated. We do not advise that any customer handle any dispute themselves.

In this instance a call for Claire’s registration was put out on the tannoy as she had left to continue her shop and her vehicle was blocking access to the car park for other customers.”

Was Claire in the wrong for her actions? Or should the supermarket have done more to help her resolve the issue? Join the Coffee house chat.