Baby Manicures and The Shaky Wreck

If like me you were a shaky wreck trying to cut your wriggling baby’s nails, then read on . . . .

When Grace was born, she wore mitts and baby-gro’s with the mitts attached to prevent her scratching her wee face.  However, she soon learnt how to get the mitts off.

When I tried to cut her nails she used to wriggle so much that I even had to ask the midwife to cut her nails for me during one of her visits.

I remember using the baby clippers to cut her nails and she was wriggling so much, I cut her finger – I was beside myself.  That’s when my search began for a solution to my problem.  As you can imagine, I was delighted when I discovered the “Baby Nails Store”.

At the Baby Nails Store they provide a simple to use, hands-free way of keeping your baby’s delicate nails neat and trim.  The Thumble slips onto your thumb and uses adhesive nailfiles, allowing you to have both hands free to cradle your baby using just your thumb to do the filing, in a relaxed manner.

It’s recommended that the perfect time to smooth your baby’s nails is when feeding. Having both hands free allows you to feed your baby on the breast or with a bottle and file away in a relaxing manner.

The Thumble is an absolute godsend – no more long or jaggy nails.  Just perfectly filed nails, filed by a calm and relaxed parent

To try the Thumble yourself, please visit or babynails on Facebook or babynailcare on Twitter.

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Your Solution To Stress Free Feeds!

Clair is a first time mummy to daughter Freya.

Freya like a lot of babies would drink her milk so quickly that she would end up soaking wet where the milk had run down her chin and into her neck crease. Not only would this mean Clair changing her after every feed it was also very smelly and would make her neck sore.

Traditional bibs failed to catch these “chin” dribbles and the bottles they were using would constantly leak.

Clair was becoming more and more frustrated with this situation. During one of their 3am night feeds she grabbed one of her muslin squares and tied it around the bottle and to her surprise this really helped, although it didn’t take long for the muslin square to become too wet.

This got Clair thinking… what could she do to make this stressful situation go away? She started to think about some designs that could attach to the bottle. This is where Lily Pad Bottle Bib was brought to life.

Her bottle bib will make feeding less stressful and above all, keep your baby dry and comfortable.

The Lily Pad Bottle Bib is a 100% cotton bib which fastens to your baby’s bottle catching and absorbing all liquids, keeping them dry and you, stress free!

Features and Benefits

  • Absorbs excess chin dribble and bottle leaks
  • Helps prevent milk rash
  • Fits all bottle brands
  • Keeps baby focused
  • Made from 100% cotton

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My New Pet Hate . . . . . People Abusing Parent & Child Parking Spaces!!!

So, since becoming a mummy almost a year ago I’ve developed a new pet hate – people abusing Parent & Child parking spaces.   By abusing I mean (people without children in their car) using the space because it’s closer to the shops (yes, that 10 yards makes all the difference to the lazy buggers), it’s a lovely wide space so there’s less chance of people hitting your car door with their car door, it’s closer to the Pay & Display machine (at Asda), it’s closer to the outdoor plant display (at Lidl),  it’s closer to the trolley park (at Morrisons) etc. etc. etc!!!

It probably sounds fairly trivial but when you’re trying to squeeze a car seat in through your door which you can barely open wide enough to get your head through, or you’re having to climb in through the passenger door with the car seat and baby in tow, well enough is enough!

I’ve seen myself drive round my local supermarket car park burning diesel by the gallon, hunting for a Parent & Child space just to prevent the potential contortionist act of getting back into my car after I’ve done my shopping.

I came across this article earlier today and I have to say, I think what Claire done was hilarious and quite bloody right too!  As I’ve mentioned, it can be so difficult trying to get your car seat and baby into your car when drivers ignore your ‘Baby on Board’ signs or fail to see the car seat in the car and park inches from your door.  Would I have been so brave to have done it?  Probably not – I’d be too worried that the owner of the car I’d blocked in would damage my car, but don’t get me wrong, there are days when I’d love to do it . . . . so watch out! ha ha

Fuming mum-of-two blocks in motorist who parked in the last family space

Article courtesy of  Netmums Website:

First published on Friday 30 September 2016 13:22 BST

Claire Ramscar, who had her two young children with her at the time, asked the lone driver what he was doing, but she claims he told her to ‘to shut up and walked off.’ Understandably upset, Claire admits she’s not proud of what she did next …

She blocked his car in for approximately 20 minutes and went inside the supermarket to report his actions to a member of staff, before continuing with her shopping.

She said: “I just left the car where it was. He clearly didn’t have any kids so I just sat behind him. I had two young children with me and I wasn’t blocking anyone else. ”

But that wasn’t the end of the matter.

Once the supermarket had investigated the situation, rather than reprimanding the male driver, they simply asked Claire to move her car.

“The next I heard from them was over the speakers asking me to move. I couldn’t believe it. They were making the whole thing out to be my fault.”

A spokesmans for Sainsburys explains:

“Customers are invited to contact a colleague if they notice that someone has parked incorrectly, which Claire did, and our colleagues investigated. We do not advise that any customer handle any dispute themselves.

In this instance a call for Claire’s registration was put out on the tannoy as she had left to continue her shop and her vehicle was blocking access to the car park for other customers.”

Was Claire in the wrong for her actions? Or should the supermarket have done more to help her resolve the issue? Join the Coffee house chat.



Scotland’s Baby Boxes

2 months ago I shared a fantastic Independent News article about the Scottish Government following the 80 year Finnish tradition of giving all babies born (from 1st January 2017 onwards) in Scotland a ‘Baby Box’.

As a first time mum, I thought this was a fantastic idea.  Yes, the 3 ‘Bounty Bags’ are great and full of useful products, vouchers and booklets but the ‘Baby Box’ is more than a material incentive – Finland, once an impoverished nation of poor health is now known for having one of the best maternity care systems in the world.

So, you could imagine my pessimism about the future of Scotland’s ‘Baby Boxes’ when I read yesterday’s STV news report . . . .
Read more here:



Cupcakes With A Difference

I’d been looking for a gift for a friend who has recently given birth to a beautiful wee girl.  I wanted something different, useful, stylish and unique.  As a new mummy, I follow lots of Baby Boutique style shops on Instagram and Facebook, so I was delighted when I came across the page ‘Mum and Me Baby Gifts’.

‘Mum and Me Baby Gifts’ are a mother and daughter duo, based in Glasgow, who appreciate how special and important the imminent arrival of a new baby can be.  They aim to create a stunning and memorable item for you to gift at this special time.

Their range of nappy cakes, baby bouquets, cutie cupcakes make the perfect gift for a new mum or mum to be and certainly make a stunning centre piece for any baby shower.  All of their newborn and yummy mummy gifts are hand crafted and each creation is completely unique so whether pink, blue, unisex or themed they put a lot of time and effort into creating this very special gift for a very special new arrival.

I decided to treat my friend to the stylish ‘Cutie Cupcakes’.  They’re going to be a real sweet treat for her special little bundle.  They’re baked with love and care using a variety of baby clothing.  They came presented in a beautiful cupcake box, decorated with embellishments and beautifully gift wrapped with ribbon and a rattle keepsake charm.

The ‘Cutie Cupcakes’ are cleverly crafted by Mum and Me and will go down a treat as they contain clothing essentials that every new mum needs for her little princess as well as having the luxurious, velvety plush, traditional Beatrix Potter character Flopsy Bunny comforter incorporated within each box.

The ‘Cutie Cupcake’ box includes:

 1 x Luxury Flopsy Bunny comforter
2 x Pairs of socks (0-6 months)
1 x Short sleeved bodysuit (3-6 months or 0-3)
1 x Pair of mitts
1 x Muslin square

To see more of the fantastic gifts available from ‘Mum and Me Baby Gifts’, please visit:

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The ladies from Mum and Me Baby Gifts will be in The Centre, Livingston on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February – Why not pop in to see them and their wonderful gifts.