Your Solution To Stress Free Feeds!

Clair is a first time mummy to daughter Freya.

Freya like a lot of babies would drink her milk so quickly that she would end up soaking wet where the milk had run down her chin and into her neck crease. Not only would this mean Clair changing her after every feed it was also very smelly and would make her neck sore.

Traditional bibs failed to catch these “chin” dribbles and the bottles they were using would constantly leak.

Clair was becoming more and more frustrated with this situation. During one of their 3am night feeds she grabbed one of her muslin squares and tied it around the bottle and to her surprise this really helped, although it didn’t take long for the muslin square to become too wet.

This got Clair thinking… what could she do to make this stressful situation go away? She started to think about some designs that could attach to the bottle. This is where Lily Pad Bottle Bib was brought to life.

Her bottle bib will make feeding less stressful and above all, keep your baby dry and comfortable.

The Lily Pad Bottle Bib is a 100% cotton bib which fastens to your baby’s bottle catching and absorbing all liquids, keeping them dry and you, stress free!

Features and Benefits

  • Absorbs excess chin dribble and bottle leaks
  • Helps prevent milk rash
  • Fits all bottle brands
  • Keeps baby focused
  • Made from 100% cotton

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