Daddy Milestone Cards

Mummy’s aren’t the only ones that need a giggle when it comes to looking after our new little bundles of joy!  Dios Designs have ‘Daddy Milestone Cards’ which look at the funny side of being a Daddy. 

From ‘Today the baby didn’t cry when I held them’ to ‘First taste of Daddy’s beer’, there are plenty cards in the pack to capture those special moments, making fun photographs for the family album.

As well as capturing those special ‘Daddy’ milestones, Dios Designs also specialise in ‘Alternative Milestone Cards’, ‘Mummy Milestone Cards’, ‘Toddler Milestone Cards’, ‘Alternative Pregnancy & Reality Cards’ and ‘Premature Baby Milestone Cards’.

At £8.99p, these are excellent value for money!

To see the full Dios Design’s range, please visit:




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