10 Reasons Why It’s Amazing Being an ‘Older’ Mummy!

Standing in the Post Office queue, I was aware of two ladies in front exchanging words. The ‘older’ of the two ladies was standing with her pink pram and baby girl. I’d say she was early to mid-forties. The other looked like she was in her early thirties. It turned out that whilst the younger of the two ladies had been cooing over the baby, she asked the ‘older’ lady how old her granddaughter was.

The cheeky comments weren’t coming from the ‘older’ (no doubt offended) lady, she was actually quite calm.  It was the younger of the two who was being overly vocal in an attempt to drag others into the conversation, trying to justify her comments.  As I stood there trying my best to listen (without being obvious), it dawned on me, I’m 41, have my baby with me . . . . . Oh no, was she going clock me and (TRY to) start on me?  Suddenly it made me think about my situation and about how amazing it actually is to be an ‘older’ mummy!

Here’s some reasons why frankly, being an older mummy is amazing.




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