The Joiner and the Ralph Lauren Delivery

A few weeks ago I was online having  a browse through the Ralph Lauren website, putting things which I liked into the shopping basket but with no real intention of buying at that time.  As my basket filled up, my excuses, sorry, my justification for buying our 5 month old baby designer clothes began to come to the forefront of my mind.  The ‘justifications’ were ridiculous!  ‘Grace will love having a pony on her clothes’ was the best I could come up with and if I’m being honest, really wouldn’t cut it!  So, as I did a quick recky of what I’d put in the basket, changing the sizes so the clothes would be suitable for the seasons, it came to me, I’ll use the ‘she’s had them for ages, they were a present from . . . ‘ story – Technically, this was the truth.  Grace is 5 months old, I’m buying 9, 12 & 18 month old clothes, so in theory by the time she fits into them, she’d of had them for ages and they’re all presents from me! 😉  Ta da!!!  Debit Card details entered, now just  to wait on delivery of the gorgeous new outfits.

Fast forward a few days.  The Joiner arrived to build our new garden fence.  After checking that he had everything he needed (tea, electricity etc), Grace and I headed out to our Parent & Baby Group.  A few hours later we came home, had a quick chat with the Joiner, then went indoors.  Not long after, my husband arrived home from work. Whilst having a chat about our day, we heard a big thud, followed by a muffled scream.  We ran outside to check what had happened but the Joiner was nowhere to be seen (strange as our garden isn’t that big)?  Seconds later, we heard a muffled ‘help’ coming from behind the shed – Whilst putting up the dividing fence, the joiner lost his footing, slipped and managed to get wedged between the fence and the shed!  I took one look and had to run indoors as I couldn’t stop laughing!  (And with what I now call my ‘pregnancy bladder’, I knew this wouldn’t end well if I stayed to watch him try to get out).  Eventually, after watching some of the antics from the window, my husband managed to help the flustered Joiner out from behind the shed.  I went back out to try to ask if he was okay.  I say ‘try’ – I couldn’t control my laughter when speaking to him!  After we’d all calmed down and I’d managed to stop laughing, the Joiner announced that he’d forgotten to tell me that whilst I was out he’d signed for a delivery for me.  As he reached for the parcel, he announced ‘it’s from Ralph Lauren, look at the fancy packaging’.  ‘Noooooooooooo’ I screamed inside my head, this is my secret shopping!!!  Just then, my husband looked at me, giving me that ‘oh no, you’ve been shopping again’ look, asking ‘is it for you or Grace?’, knowing fine well that it was for Grace.  I gave him my best smile and said ‘it’s a surprise, for you’ and quickly walked back into the house, thinking about where I was going to hide this lot for the next 4 months 🙂

The moral of this ‘shopping experience’ . . . . . Never laugh at the Joiner wedged between your fence and shed, as he’ll land you right in it!!!

PS. I ended up showing my husband a couple of things and he loves them  🙂


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