A Woman Possessed or A Kid in a Sweetie Shop?

So, this week we went down to Liverpool for a few days.  The main purpose was not only to  get a wee family break, but to see how Grace coped with a long car journey.  (We’re driving over to Donegal in a few weeks for my sister-in-law’s wedding).  We broke the journey up by stopping at Gretna Gateway Outlet Village  . . . . . . . For a Nappy change, obviously 😉

After lunch, a nappy change and a walk to stretch the legs, I decided to have a quick look in Marks and Spencer’s before we went back to the car.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing . . . . . . . . So much so, that I had to check with the Sales Assistant that the pricing was correct.  Long story short, I bought £258 worth of clothes for Grace for the grand total of £36!!!  Yes £36!!!

I still can’t decide whether I looked like a Woman Possessed or a Kid in a Sweetie Shop . . . . . . . In hindsight, I’d say my shopping basket was obscene HOWEVER, the bargains were too good to pass up!

I’m not suggesting that you make a 170 mile round trip for a bargain but if you have a Marks and Spencer Outlet near you, I’d definitely suggest you pop in for a bargain . . . . . . or 2!

One thing’s for sure, I’ll be popping into my local Marks and Spencer Outlet more often.  After all, a wee girl can never have too many outfits, can she?

Here’s some photo’s of my bargains.  (Hover over the picture for the sale price).

Happy Shopping!


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