I’m sitting here laughing to myself, my Saturday night dilemma used to be “do I drink Prosecco or spirits when I’m out tonight” or “do we get the last train home or stay out until closing time and then spend £40 on a taxi home” . . . . . Funnily enough, my dilemma tonight concerns shopping!

Do I buy Grace the “Itty Bitty Boutique” Floral Gilet in Pink or Blue. . . .

She really suits pink as she’s a wee girly girl, but blue really highlights her beautiful blue eyes.

Okay, be sensible, does she REALLY need two Floral Gilets?  No, but I can think of a million reasons to say that she does!

To try and help me make up my mind on what colour to choose, I thought I’ll have a wee look through the website again (for inspiration) . . . . . I was inspired alright!  They’ve only gone and launched a Premium Spanish Baby and Kids Boutique.  It is absolutely adorable, especially the Blue Bow Floral Dress.  I can’t wait to see more of the collection.

So, after browsing the whole collection again,  I’m no further forward to choosing a colour as I’ve now seen a few dresses and an Itty Bitty White Paw Print Overalls Set that I love, BUT here goes the justification to buy (possibly) two gilets . . . . and the other clothes – Itty Bitty Boutique have sent me a 10% discount code to use.

The GREAT news is that if you shop via my link https://www.ittybitty.co.uk/ref/Denise                                     

Enter the Code: TSSMVIP10

You too will receive a 10% discount until the end of September 2016


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