I once overheard two ladies in the office talking about another woman. ‘She shouldn’t be complaining about her weight . . . . She can’t pass a Take-Away’ one of them said.

Well, I am that woman, except I can’t pass a shop, website or social media page that sells baby clothes and accessories!!!

I am The Secret Shopaholic Mummy!!!

I say ‘Secret’ because quite often I bend the truth to my husband about when I bought the item, usually by saying ‘Oh, she’s had this for ages’ (despite our daughter only being 5 months old). Or I’ll say that it was a gift when she was born. My favourites though are justifying sale items or my reason buying ‘in advance’.

Seriously, when you see a top/ dress etc. and it’s reduced to a few pounds, think about what you could be buying in its place and repeat the phrase ‘It cost less than a bottle of wine’ – There you go, perfect justifiable excuse!!!

Buying ‘in advance’ – I’ve got that one nailed too! (Although I do think my husband just humours me with this one). My Maternity pay is only for 9 months, so if I buy 9-12 months and 12-18 months just now, it’ll save having to worry about it nearer the time! (Maybe just hold off telling him about the 18-24 month stash though)!!!


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